Apr 292009

There’s a very good video about swine flu which has closed captions.  It features Joseph Bresee, M.D., Chief of the Epidemiology & Prevention Branch in the Center for Disease Control’s Influenza Division.  The video runs approximately 5 ½ minutes.  To start the captions, find the box at the far right on the bottom of the screen which has an arrow icon. It will give you a “CC” symbol to click on.

The video tells you what swine flu is, where it comes from, what the symptoms and treatments are and how long people with swine flu can be contagious. Dr. Breese gives information on what steps to take to avoid catching the virus, what to do if you think you have become infected, and warning signs that should lead you to seek emergency medical care.


– Thanks to Joe G and NVRC, Fairfax