Jun 192009

starkey logoSTOCKPORT-based hearing manufacturer Starkey Laboratories has developed technology that allows hearing aid users to control their devices with a mobile phone.

The T2 technology is a feature of the company’s new S Series hearing device, which allows a touch tone telephone to adjust volume, to switch memory settings or to mute the hearing aid.

The company said the product will help users who can often feel self-conscious when having to manually adjust a switch on their aid, or use a separate remote control to change settings.

Roger Lewin, managing director of Starkey Laboratories UK, said: “Mobile phones are becoming more and more integrated into all aspects of our lives – from how we consume the media and music, through to interacting with friends and colleagues through mobile social networking.

“Hearing aids are now as sleek and stylish as earphones, and genuinely push the boundaries of technology. The S Series delivers smooth, clear sound and automatically transitions between sound environments. Importantly, there are also specific settings for listening to a variety of music genres or the television.

“Until now, this has been an area where hearing aid users struggle to gain satisfaction without having to plug in a separate assistive device.”

Starkey Laboratories, which has its UK base in Hazel Grove, has 38 offices in 23 countries. According to the company, one in four custom units sold in the UK is a  Starkey device and it holds 18% of the private market share.

-Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax and Joanne Birtwistle of The Business Desk (UK)