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By Paul Dybala Ph.D., President and Editor in Chief, Healthy Hearing, 6/8/09

You can buy anything on the World Wide Web – including hearing aids. Even really good hearing aids. But ask yourself this: would you buy a 52″ HD flat screen TV for $4,000 without at least looking at the picture in person?

Would you buy a sofa online if you hadn’t sat on it to see if it was comfy? The fact is, the Internet is great for consumer education, researching, comparison shopping and browsing.

For the hearing aid consumer, the Internet serves as a wonderful resource tool when researching hearing loss and hearing aids. And now, as mentioned, hearing aids can be purchased online.

The cost of hearing aids is often cited as a primary reason for people with hearing loss not purchasing hearing aids; however, they know hearing aids will help them hear and lead a better life. Because of the cost combined with a lack of insurance coverage, many are in search of the best or cheapest deal.

Ok, purchasing hearing aids on the Internet may possibly save a few hundred bucks up front, but keep in mind that you may be sacrificing listening experience, wearing satisfaction and hearing safety. In fact, the money you saved by going online will more than likely end up being spent (and then some) when you are in need of reprogramming and follow-up care from a hearing professional in order to get satisfaction from your aids.

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