Jul 302009

Bob Buckwalter, of Williamstown, Mass., was surprised by the high price of his hearing aids – $4,600 – and the fact that insurance did not cover them.


Published: July 24, 2009

BOB BUCKWALTER, a retired pastor in Williamstown, Mass., bought his first pair of hearing aids in January.

Like most people suffering from gradual hearing loss, he had resisted the idea for years. But, after talking with people who have benefited from aids and doing research to find a nearby audiologist, Mr. Buckwalter was ready to take the plunge.

But there was one thing he was not ready for: the $4,600 price tag.

“It’s a monumental amount,” Mr. Buckwalter said. “The technology is impressive, and they’ve certainly made a difference in my life. But the fact is, they’re extremely expensive. And what I’m really surprised by is the fact that insurance doesn’t pay for them.”

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