Jan 262010

Liaison officers will continue to be available to meet with residents to discuss non-emergency issues. They can be reached at:

Asian Liaison Unit: 202-724-8009
Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit: 202-727-5427
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison Unit: 202-698-0289 or 202-727-5437 (TTY)
Latino Liaison Unit: 202-673-4445

District police say they have expanded their special liaison unit to include officers who have received special training to work with certain communities.

The special liaison unit was created in October 2007 to coordinate outreach to the gay and lesbian, Latino, Asian, and deaf and hard of hearing communities. Since then, the units have been deployed to work with those community members when they have been requested by officers or residents.

With the expansion, each unit will now include patrol officers who have received training on “diverse communities,” their issues and how to best serve them, liaison unit supervisor Capt. Edward Delgado said in an e-mail.

The new patrol officers will be distributed throughout the city and provide the department with around-the-clock liaison abilities, Delgado said. Because the officers were dispersed in regular patrol districts and not just contained to the liaison units, they will also reinforce “progressive training, policies and procedures departmentwide,” he said.

Authorities said members of a community with a liaison unit should always call 911 in case of an emergency. Once police officers are on the scene they then request a liaison officer.

The new officers will also work to ensure that the gay and lesbian, Latino, Asian, and deaf and hard of hearing communities are informed on issues that relate directly to them and information regarding those communities’ specific needs are integrated into regular patrols, Delgado said.

– Thanks to NVRC and Freeman Klopott, The Washington Examiner 1/20/10