Feb 052010

This is to let the community know “if” you have a medical condition/reasons for having electricity at all times, should we lose the electric power during the storm or whenever it occurs, you need to register with your electric company as quick as possible that you do have a handicap/disability that you must have electricity to continue life communications, etc.  This could be because you have Cochlear Implant (CI) rechargeable batteries, CapTel phones used by deaf and hearing impaired (HI) homeowners, VP equipment used by the deaf, oxygen pumps, etc. to name a few requiring constantly use of electricity.  The deaf and HI are fully qualified in this community and they might not be aware of this service provided by Virginia Dominion Electric Company. Dominion Virginia Power Customer Service Number is 1-888-667-3000.  Have your account number ready and address after explaining reason for your call.  The electric company will send you a form that must be signed by your medical doctor and returned to them.  It is my understand that after form is returned completed, your name and location is placed on a top priority list to receive quick electric service restored and/or a generator provided to be use when necessary.

– Thanks to Arva and Louise Stoneberger.