Mar 052010


Hello, may I speak with the aide who handles issues related to the FCC, telecommunications, or disability rights?

Hello _____________, my name is _____________________ a concerned taxpayer and voting citizen. I am calling Senator / Representative ____________________________ to express my opposition to the recent declaratory ruling of the FCC dated 2/25/2010.

The reasons I am opposed to the FCC’s actions are:

·      Request creates undue burden upon TRS providers
·      Will lead to monopolistic / single provider domination of industry
·      Will lead to discrimination in employment hiring practices for deaf & h-o-h as well as less opportunities for employment for deaf and hard of hearing
·       Will lead to thousands of gainfully employed individuals losing their jobs, healthcare, and for some their homes as well as increasing associated costs to taxpayers for unemployment, foreclosure, benefits, etc.

May I ask the Senator’s / Representative’s position on this matter or is he or she aware of this issue affecting voting constituents?

I would request a written response to my telephone call from the Senator’s / Representative’s office. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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