May 182010

This 8 minute video is a valuable resource for parent and professional education on the importance of following through with diagnostic testing on infants who didn’t pass the newborn hearing screening or are otherwise considered to be at risk for hearing loss.  It features parents who have “been there, done that” sharing this important message and closes with Virginia specific contact information on the Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program.  Virginia collaborated with several states under the direction of Hands & Voices to create this powerful, timely resource with funding provided by the Virginia Department of Education through the Technical Assistance Program for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing at the Partnership for People with Disabilities, VCU.

Loss & Found – A resource for parents of children who have not passed their hearing screening (8 minute video – captions available)

Pérdida de Audicion – Que debe hacer si su bebe no pasa la prueba de audición- un recurso para padres (Ocho minutos de vídeo sin subtítulos)

– Thanks to Ann W. Hughes, VCU, and VSDB staff – Erin Fernsler and Rebecca Plesko.