Jul 082010

Captel recently released the new Captel 800 model which is very similar to the new Captel 800i phone released last year.  The 800 model replaces the 200 model that VDDHH currently uses and will be using the newer model later on this year.

Two noticeable differences between the older and newer models is the layout and display screen.  It is similar to upgrading a black and white tv to a color tv.  The display screen is considerably bigger and easier to read as you now have the option to change the font size, color and background color to suit your preference.  The 800 model does not hook up to the Internet like the 800i model does and is ideal for homes without Internet access.

Both models are available for $99 through Captel/WCI.  The newer models do not have a USB port to connect to a computer.  If you can not use the newer models due to vision issues, Captel and VDDHH will continue to distribute the USB model if needed.

Visit http://www.captel.com for more information.

Captel 800i Order Form (For those with Internet access.)

Captel 800 Order Form (For those without Internet access.)

– Thanks to Julie Buckham, CRDRC.