Jul 212010

NVRC has been participating in conference calls as a member of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Disability Coalition. On July 20, Bonnie O’Leary, our Outreach Manager, participated in the latest quarterly TSA teleconference call to learn more about the new body scanner being used at airports.

A TSA representative reported that 600 participants from all the states met to see the body scanner (AIT).  In general everyone who viewed the scanner was pleased, but there was broad agreement that passengers would need advanced time to let the person who conducting the scanning understand what their needs are.

By the end of this year, 250 of the body scanner units will be in place at airports.  A video will be available at checkpoint (with captions!) so passengers will be prepared and know what to expect from the scanner.

Forms are now being developed for passengers to communicate discreetly with TSA officers.

Some other news during the call:
– Local TSA airport agents want to start getting involved with disability-related groups at the local level so they have a better understanding of the national issues.
– Breast cancer survivors should get a medical card from TSA so they don’t have to remove silicone prosthetics.

– Thanks to NVRC News, 7/21/10.