Dec 192010

Press release 12/15/10 by Hearing Access Program

Contact: Janice Schacter

NVRC Note: We were delighted to work with the Hearing Access Program on this, and we think the ANA Production Management Committee recommendations are awesome!  The ANA has a document on the benefits of closed captioning commercials, the case for closed captioning, cost of captioning and a recommended framework for inclusion in all closed captioning contracts to ensure quality closed captioning.

NEW YORK – The Hearing Access Program announced today that the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) recommends that all television commercials be closed-captioned.

“ We hope that all advertisers will implement these recommendations in time for the Super Bowl” said Janice Schacter, the founder and chair of the Hearing Access Program. “Our goal is for the 36+ million people who have some form of hearing loss to be able to enjoy all the commercials that are aired during the Super Bowl.”

The Hearing Access Program applauds the ANA for this major accomplishment.  People who are deaf or hard of hearing should have full access to television commercials.  We hope the Federal Communications Commission will follow the ANA’s lead in developing standards for television closed-captioning.

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax (12/16/10)