Jan 092011

From Gather.com, 12/21/10 by Katrina Douglas

A 46-year-old man from Athens, Georgia had a pearl removed from his ear after 41 years. He went to the doctor complaining of bronchitis, so he went to the emergency room. Imagine his surprise when he got there, and the doctor handed him the gem. Usually you go to the emergency room, and all you get is a bill.

Calvin Wright had a lot of problems hearing him when he spoke, but he just figured he was hard of hearing. How sad for him to have suffered so long, but what a pleasant surprise to be handed a gem that had been lost when he was just 5-years-old.


Calvin Wright recalls playing with his sister and his mother’s necklace, but that’s all. When the nurse in the emergency room looked into his ear, she sent him to a specialist who found it. Calvin must not have been sick very often for the gem to have lodged in his ear for so long. It probably migrated through his ear canal throughout the years.

Fox News, “Wright said when he was 5, he and his sister were playing with their mother’s pearl necklace and it broke. Wright’s sister shoved two pearls into his ear, and the pain was so bad, their mother took him to the hospital, but at the time, the doctor assured them he had removed the gems.”

Calvin Wright

What a wonderful story of how the body takes care of itself. This is great news for Calvin Wright, but it makes you wonder what kind of doctor would have told his mother something like that all these years ago?

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax (12/22/10)