Apr 262011

From WCAX News, wcax.com – Williston, VT, 4/15/11


Hearing impaired Vermonters can now better enjoy a movie on the big screen.


Starting Friday, the Majestic 10 Cinema in Williston will hand out closed captioning devices to hearing impaired moviegoers. The hand-held displays can be mounted in cup holders and positioned so that text appears at the bottom through a glass panel as a viewer is watching a movie.


“If you did open captioning before it would be on the bottom of the screen with subtitles and everybody would be able to see it. We tried that, and unfortunately we got complaints from other people and we actually stopped it, and once we went to digital this made a lot of sense,” said owner Harold Blank.


The Majestic is the first cinema in the state to install the technology in all of its theaters at a cost of $2,500 per theater.


Later this month the Majestic will also begin offering audio devices for the visually impaired that will provide narrative of the action taking place on the screen.

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax (4/22/11)