Jun 152011


By Cheryl  Heppner 6/14/11


We’ve shared this link before, but judging from the number of consumers we’ve met recently who don’t know about it, or have lost it, we thought it would be a good idea to send it again.  If you have a problem with your TV captioning and want a quick and easy way to contact the provider to report it, click on this link:




The FCC is not known for consumer-friendly language, but this database search shows they are making one giant step in the right direction.  Just enter your zip code and click on the box to choose who you want to direct your complaint to – all types, broadcaster, cable, telephone company, satellite or other.  Then click the blue Search button and you’ll get a list.  Choose from it and with one more click on the green “view details”  you’ll have the information you need.


I checked it today for my zip code and got details about 16 broadcasters, 8 cable companies, 1 telephone company (Verizon FIOS), and 9 satellite providers.


Bookmark this link; it’s the next best thing to having the phone number of your provider on speed dial.


By the way, if you get your TV programs through Verizon FIOS, select Telephone Company as your type of provider.

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax (6/14/11)