Aug 172011

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has a new video series:

Get accurate information about hearing loss, its causes and what to do about it. The Hearing Loss Association of America contracted with Knowlera Media to produce a series of seven, four-minute, captioned videos on hearing loss. Information you need to be adequately briefed on the topic is all in one place in an easy-to-access format. If you think you have a hearing loss or know someone who does, please point them to the videos where hearing health care professionals and people with hearing loss talk about what you can do about it.

Hearing Loss Basic Facts
Hearing Loss Symptoms
Hearing Loss Diagnosis
Hearing Loss Treatments
Living with Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Causes and Prevention
Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive Listening Devices

– Thanks to JC and FF