Jan 272012

Erin Purcell, Kresge Hearing Research Institute

University of Michigan

Hearing Health Foundation Highlights
Erin K. Purcell for Research on Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Erin Purcell received her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan in 2008.  She is a research fellow in the Kresge Hearing Research Institute at the University and is currently training in sensory neurophysiology. Her expertise includes neurophysiology, neural electrode interfaces, stem cell biology, and regenerative scaffolding.


The research involves manipulating physical and chemical signals to attract nerve cells to the auditory brainstem. This research may yield insight into Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) if disorganized inputs to the auditory brainstem contribute to the pathology of the disorder.  Her long term goal is to regenerate auditory nerves and understand the conditions that promote neural connections with the auditory brainstem, in order to ultimately restore hearing for patients with neural hearing loss and lay a foundation for therapies for individuals with auditory processing disorders.
To learn more about Erin’s research:http://www.drf.org/content_files/630/HH_Fall2011_Grantees.pdf

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax (12/14/11)