Feb 022012

Smart Tablet. Smarter App. Hamilton CapTel® App now optimized for iPad® and iOS5.

Hamilton CapTel
is making captioned
telephone smarter
than ever.

We have recently updated the Hamilton Mobile CapTel® App for the iPhone® and iPad®! This update includes; iOS 5 compatibility, expanded number of saved calls, and iPad optimization!

With the compatibility of iOS5, you can now determine how you would like your incoming call notifications to appear – with a banner or an alert. You can manage your preferences through the Notification Center in theHamilton segment.

Like having the convenience of saving and referring back to your calls? With the new update, you can save up to TWENTY of your calls within the app!

Additionally, if you have an iPad, be sure to download the latest version of Hamilton Mobile CapTel from the App Store to start placing and receiving calls wherever you take your iPad! For more details on how to use Hamilton CapTel on your iPad, visitwww.hamiltoncaptel.com

Thank you for choosing Hamilton CapTel.

The Hamilton CapTel Team


Voice and data plans may be required.

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