Feb 222012


Today’s technology presents our community with many communication choices.  We can text message our boss on a cell phone, IM our kids on a PDA (like a Sidekick or Blackberry device), and chat with our moms through a videophones or video relay service.  We have communication gizmos and gadgets we can throw in our purse, hang on our belt, or clip to our backpack.  We have gotten so used to different and often quicker, clearer modes of communication that some of us only use our TTYs as a doorstop or to remind us of the old days.  Who could blame us for wanting to abandon the TTY when there are so many better ways to stay in touch?

What if there is an emergency?  Imagine your home catching fire, an intruder in your home, or your child having a seizure.  What are you going to do?

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