May 012013



By Cheryl Heppner, 4/26/2013


Recently NVRC, along with a number of other organizations, reached out to individuals who are users of captioned telephone services.  We asked that they participate in a survey by Gallaudet University’s dynamic trio of Christian Vogler, Linda Kozma-Spytek, and Paula Tucker of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Telecommunications Access to tell us more about their use of captioned telephone services.


The support from people who took the survey was awesome.  In just two weeks, 3,000 responses were received.  If you were one of the individuals who participated, THANK YOU for helping to better understand more about the consumer experience of using captioned telephone service.


Earlier this week I attended a meeting with other consumer advocates as the Gallaudet team presented the survey results to staff of the Federal Communications Commission.  If you participated in the survey, I suspect you are as eager as I was to see the results.  Well, now you can!


They have been made available at

– Thanks to NVRC, Fairfax