Aug 122013

Kieran Sorkin and sisterSurgeons will use eight-year-old Kieran Sorkin’s cartilage to build a pair of ears and graft them on to the side of his head.

His birth condition, microtia, affects just one in 100,000 babies on both sides of the head and left Kieran with only small lobes where his ears should be.

Kieran’s hearing is improving gradually thanks to several operations and a hearing aid anchored to his bone, but all he wants is a pair of ears so he looks like other children in the playground.

In a show of solidarity and to help the charity that have supported his family, who live in Bushey, Kieran’s big sister, Mia, 10, cut off her waist-length hair to raise money. She was joined by one of Kieran’s classmates, Ayelet Ezekiel, eight. The pair were sponsored, with the £1,100 they have raised going to the Jewish Deaf Association and the hair to Chai Cancer Care.

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