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Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind
Important Notice about the Board of Visitors
Openings in 2016
According to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website (www.commonwealth.virginia.gov), the Board of Visitors of VSDB will have 2 (TWO) openings in 2016 (after June 30):

Seat 1 – Western Region (I believe this is a parent’s seat)

Seat 3 – Alumni Association (It does not specify Deaf Alumni, Blind Alumni, just Alumni Association, not necessarily a graduate of VSDB).

Applications and nominations to fill these seats must go through the Secretary’s office (online preferred)
Go to the website, click on “VA Government”; click on Gubernatorial Appointments; follow directions to apply for a position, or make nominations for a position.
The Governor makes the final appointments.

Here is the link to the Code of Virginia Section which establishes the Board of Visitors.

Why is this notice important? This is an opportunity for a truly diverse and representative Board of Visitors to watch over and guide VSDB, but only if the community takes action.

Direct questions about this NOTICE to Rachel Bavister rbavister@comcast.net . VP 540-416-0062. TTY 540-885-1195

Dec 162015

I barely heard the soft knock on my front door that cold day. I had a toddler and two big dogs underfoot in the kitchen. The baby was throwing cereal from his highchair. My husband, Guy, had escaped to work early, and I was still in my pajamas. I stepped over the pile of wooden blocks on the floor, jostled the barking dogs aside and opened the door.

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Dec 162015



On Friday, December 18, 2015, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Center (DHHSC) will stop sending out our email newsletter. Most people who get the newsletter also have Facebook, so we will continue posting news or events on our Facebook page and our webpage, www.deafhh.org. If you haven’t “liked” our DHHSC Facebook page, please like this page: