May 152015

Margaret Taylor

Margaret S. Taylor

2015 Mother of the Year


Margaret S. Taylor was born to Earl and Katherine Spangler of Glade Hill, Virginia. Margaret lost her hearing as a result of having a high fever while teething as an infant. Margaret attended

Glade Hill Elementary School until her parents met another couple who had a Deaf child that was attending the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. Margaret began attending VSDB at age 8 and continued there until her graduation in 1964.


While at VSDB, Margaret achieved honorable mentions in 1956 and 1957, she was Football

Homecoming Maid of Honor in 1961, a member of the school literary society in 1962,

Homecoming Queen in 1963 and won the Girls’ Dormitory Awards in 1963 and 1964. During her time at VSDB, Margaret met Harry Taylor and they were married in June, 1965.


After marrying, the Taylors settled in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Harry was employed by University of Virginia Printing and Margaret was employed at Filtaire, Inc. and Chemtron.

While at Filtaire, Inc., Margaret was named the “Most Outstanding Handicapped Employee” by

the Charlottesville-Albermarle committee on Rehabilitation and Employment of the

Handicapped in the Charlottesville-Albermarle area. In 1974, Margaret became a stay at home wife and mother when her daughter Tammy was born.


The Taylors had an opportunity in 1978 to return to Franklin County, Virginia to be close to Margaret’s family. They joined Glade Hill Baptist Church and began teaching ASL classes. Their first class had an average enrollment of 47 students.


Harry was employed by Burroughs, Corp. and Standard Register printing company until his

retirement in 2001. Margaret worked for Doyle Enterprises for two years, then Franklin County Public Schools at the Glade Hill Community Cannery before becoming a stay-at-home wife and mother until retirement.


The Taylor’s daughter, Tammy Fortune, married Clint Fortune of Miami, Florida in 1996 and

gave the Taylors two grandsons, Clint, 13 and Jonathan, 8. Tammy has earned her Masters degree in Business Administration, is a nationally certified sign language interpreter and is

employed by Lynchburg City Schools and Sorenson Communications. Tammy also teaches in the American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI) program at Liberty University, training future

interpreters. Clint is a stay at home father who until this year has homeschooled their children, is

an ordained minister and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Teaching -Elementary Education. The Taylors enjoy spending time with Clint, Tammy and their grandsons.


Margaret has always been actively involved in the Deaf community, and was a president of the

Major Angels Club for the Deaf for seven years. Margaret enjoys researching VSDB history and has been a contributor of artifacts for the VSDB Deaf History museum.


In her spare time, Margaret enjoys reading, researching recipes, researching VSDB and family

history, collecting photos, spending time with family and friends, and traveling on bus tours with Harry.

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May 072015

MANHATTAN (CN) – New York City police officers will no longer need to surrender their badges because they have to wear a hearing aid, if a federal court settlement announced Tuesday becomes final.
Daniel Carione, a 20-year police force veteran, brought the lawsuit four years ago after losing his job as deputy inspector because he had to wear a hearing aid due to loss he suffered in the line of duty.
On the first day of his trial, Carione and the NYPD privately went to the robing room to discuss a possible settlement, the transcript shows.
U.S. District Judge Katherine Failla spoke about the preliminary terms of the deal at a March 9 hearing.

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May 062015

DeafNation Photo


Gary Viall, a Virginia Association for the Deaf member, sits down with Joel Barish and gives advices to other state associations to think out of the box about fundraising. VAD travels out of the state to numbers of DeafNation Expos and other events to sell their popular 10 Reasons for Learning Sign Language t-shirts. (captioned)

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